Kansas City Soccer Club

KCSC U15-U19 Boys Playing High School Estimated Costs Per Player / 2017-18 Season

KCSC Uniform and Training Kit Costs (Ordered online by June 29th, 2018)
Basic Kit/Home & Away Payable to Soccer Master - Training Kit Payable to M&A Designs

Est $200.00

KCSC Preliminary Club Costs (Due June 15th, 2018)

1) Club Fee (club admin., outdoor field rental, misc. field equip): $230.00
2) League Fees Outdoor  incl. player card): $85.00
Total Preliminary KCSC Club Costs: $315.00

KCSC Monthly Club Costs (Due September 20th thru April 20th, 2018-19)
1) Coaching Fees (Aug-May)

a) Team practices (outdoor 2 per week; skills training 1 per week).
b) Skills & Tech. Training (1 per week, Wednesdays)

$62.00 x 7 months - $434.00
2) League Fees
     a) Indoor (Late Oct - Feb for 21 weeks) No official practice Dec 20th - Jan 3rd)
     b) KCSC Indoor/Outdoor Field Rental.
     $65.00 x 4 months - $260.00
     c) Outdoor (1) spring session - $80.00
Total Monthly KCSC Club Costs: $115.00
Total Costs Per Player Sept 20th - April 20th. 7 months - $805.00

Tournament Fees

(# determined by individual team @ approximately $55.00 each)


All KCSC Preliminary Club Costs (Club Fees/$230.00 and Outdoor League Fees/$85) must be paid no later than June 15th  2018.  You will order KCSC uniforms/Training kit online and pay directly to SoccerMaster and M&A Designs. Uniforms will not be distributed until all preliminary club fees have been collected. Monthly fees are due by the 20th of the previous month and payable by credit card through club website. Checks should be made out to KCSC send to PO Box 7029 Overland Park, KS. 66207. (i.e. October  fees are due by September 20th). Late fees will be assessed a $25 fee.