Kansas City Soccer Club

Player Development U13-U18


  • Mastery of individual skills
  • Trapping-head, chest, thigh, outside of foot, inside of foot, top of foot, sole of foot.
  • Mastery of beating players 1v1, how do you set them up to beat, clues to look for when attacking a defensive player, positioning g of defender or defenders.  How to beat multiple defenders. 
  • Receiving Ball into space, Creating space for yourself, and beating pressure with the reception of the ball.
  • Introduction to heading, difference between defensive heading and offensive heading.
  • Shooting: long range, both feet
  • Finishing:  Inside of box finishing with inside and outdoor foot, Brazilian toe punch ,both feet.
  • Half chance finishing, creating chances out of nothing.
  • Introduction to crossing and finishing.
  • Driving ball over distance
  • Bending balls
  • Goalkeeping-Specific keeper coach to work with all goalkeeper 1-3 times a week.
  • Chipping balls, weighted balls with back spin, chipping into space or corners
  • Weighted passing-on ground, flighted


  • Have a good Understanding of the different kinds of shapes(1-3-4-3), (1-4-4-2), (1-4-3-3), (1-4-5-1), (1-4-3-2-1), (1-3-4-2-1), (1-4-3-1-2).
  • Understand and describe the different roles of each player in each system.  Center defenders, outside defenders, outside mids, center mids, center forwards, outside forwards.
  • Set Plays-How to take a free kick and bend it over the wall, and around the wall, taking corner kicks, free kicks that are not direct shots on goal, where to cross them, timing of the balls played in, timing of the runs to get behind the defense, timing of runs for crosses on corner kicks, defending set plays, understanding how to drop in and keep with your mark, watching ball and man, defensive clearing, Box organization on defense and offense.  Framing the box.
  • Defending:  Pressure, cover and balance.  Defending in groups, 3-4 defenders, 3-4 Midfielders, and 2-3 Forwards.  All must understand there role in the team to defend and stop the ball.  Forwards, pressure and push the ball one direction and do not let ball back the other way.  Forwards will try and take away passing channels.  Forwards will establish a line of confrontation for the team.  Midfield will also cut off passing channels,  and apply pressure, cover, and balance depending on where the ball is.  Midfielders will communicate to forwards to which way the forwards need to push the other team and the ball.  Defenders will play together in a group of 3-4, they will hold shape and rotate when necessary.  They will also work on pressure, cover, and balance.  They will learn when to drop in as a group and step up.
  • Offensive:  All players will learn offensive shape.  How to attack as a group.  Counter attacking, Attacking down the flanks, attacking in the middle of the field.  Building the attack out of the back.  We will also teach defenders to attack and when to attack.   Players will be able to feel comfortable in any system of play to attack.  Timing of runs and be able to recognize how to break down each system of play.  We will also focus on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th runs off the ball.   “Total Futbol” Attacking!