Kansas City Soccer Club

Player Development U10-U12


  • Mastery of Individual Skills
  • Trapping-Head, Chest, Thigh, Outside of foot, inside of foot, top of foot, sole of foot.
  • Mastery of beating players 1v1, how do you set them up to beat, clues to look for when attacking a defensive player, positioning g of defender or defenders.  How to beat multiple defenders. 
  • Receiving Ball into space, Creating space for yourself, and beating pressure with the reception of the ball.
  • Introduction to heading, difference between defensive heading and offensive heading.
  • Shooting: Long range, both feet
  • Finishing:  Inside of box finishing with inside and outdoor foot, Brazilian toe punch ,both feet.
  • Half chance finishing, creating chances out of nothing.
  • Introduction to Crossing and Finishing.
  • Driving ball over distance
  • Bending balls
  • Introduction to Goalkeeping.
  • Chipping balls, weighted balls with back spin, chipping into space or corners
  • Weighted passing-on ground, flighted


  • Team Defending
  • Team Attacking
  • Advanced individual defending, pressure, cover, balance, rotation defending, When to step up and pressure and when to drop in.